• Lay the wings out, spray with duckfat
  • Season with Meat Church Holy Voodoo
  • Flip & Repeat
  • Place in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes uncovered to help dry the skin
  • Light fogo charcoal in the Big Green Egg
  • Set up Big Green Egg for indirect & direct cooking using the conveggtor basket or the eggspander system, half moon conveggtor and cast iron grid (option – use 1 piece conveggtor for first part, then remove for end)
  • Preheat Big Green Egg to approx. 400-450 degrees
  • Place wings directly on grate over the half moon conveggtor for indirect smoking
  • Smoke approx. 20 min, then flip and smoke additional 20 min
  • While wings are smoking, prepare wing sauce using a bottle of hot line pepper products Evil Ooze and 1 stick of butter, let butter melt, mix, and simmer
  • Once wings are nice golden brown, place over direct heat on the cast iron grid and grill each side approx. 5 min to let the sugar in the rub carmelize
  • Toss in the wing sauce or eat them with the dry rub. Both are great!


  • Big green egg XL
  • Conveggtor basket
  • Half moon conveggtor
  • Half moon cast iron grid
  • Duck fat spray
  • Fogo super premium lump charcoal
  • Meat church holy voodoo
  • Hot line pepper products evil ooze


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