Equipping a pool with an overhead shelter is an elegant way to improve your designated swimming area. Pool houses can provide shade or effectively eliminate the need for guests to go inside the main house. Our custom-built pool houses are specifically designed to create the desired pool environment you seek.



The versatility of a custom-made pool house can be astonishing. A pool house can encompass your entire swimming area to provide family and friends with beneficial shade. Build a large pool structure to create the ultimate guest house. Personalized pool houses can even be built with additional rooms to generate the relaxed atmosphere that is often sought out when installing a pool. Stand alone pool houses have a lot to offer too. These smaller structures can be convenient changing rooms or simply reduce the risk of overexposure to the sun. Pool houses aptly complement your designated swimming area in numerous ways that no other structure can.

Creekstone Outdoor Living Custom Pool Houses in Houston, Texas
Creekstone Outdoor Living Custom Pool Houses in Houston, Texas
Creekstone Outdoor Living Custom Pool Houses in Houston, Texas


Enhancing your swimming area with a pool house makes it possible to safely keep everything swim related nearby. Functional pool houses installed with cabinet space can provide storage for dangerous pool chemicals, fun swimming accessories, dry towels and clothes. Utilizing your pool house as a storage area is a great way to reduce clutter. Efficiently store lawn, pool, and garden equipment in the pool house during the off season. Install a bathroom within your pool house to encourage hygienic practices, such as bathing before and after entering the pool. Transform your pool house into an exercise area and treat yourself to a refreshing dip into crystal clear waters after working up a sweat.

Our pool houses are designed to enhance your lifestyle and pool area, without going over your intended budget. Upgrade your swimming area with a custom-made pool house to materialize the ideal outdoor living space you have been daydreaming of.

Travertine Bench

A bench was created around the existing pool and topped off with Travertine slabs.

Slate Tiles

Dark slate tiles were used to provide a color break for the living room.

Game Room

Indoor game room and dinning area.

Exposed Beams

Massive exposed dark stained beams make a bold statement.


Custom gas fireplace was built to provide warmth to dinning table area.

Poolside table

A dedicated pool side table allows you grab a bite to eat without toweling off.

Living Room

This dedicated sitting area provides and excellent overview of the pool area.


From traditional to modern and from old to new, our designers have the experience and expertise to craft incredible outdoor spaces no matter the style. Each job is different, which is why we take pride in the flexibility our designs offer.

Creekstone Outdoor Living Custom Pool Houses in Spring, Texas

Pool House Design Process

Regardless of the shape, size, and desired functionality, a pool house can be customized to suit your personal needs. Determining which type of pool house accurately complements your lifestyle is a task that our design team will gracefully assist you with. After conceptualizing the desired functionality, we configure a pool house blueprint that meets building and environmental restrictions. Our goal is to generate an outline that ultimately helps our construction team build your perfect pool house. With precision craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and professional business standards we consistently construct gorgeous pool houses.

Why Choose Custom-Built Pool Houses?

Pool houses provide homeowners with a practical and functional way to improve their swimming area. Whether you are seeking a way to reduce pool maintenance time or traffic indoors, a pool house is the optimal addition to your outdoor living space. Our professional design team is prepared to assist you with the construction of your brand new pool house, regardless of the size or desired end result.


We currently offer warranties on workmanship and materials for up to one year on all outdoor kitchens, outdoor living spaces, and custom work. We are committed to assuring not only the quality of the work, but on the happiness of our clients. If the finished product doesn’t meet or exceed your initial expectations, we hold ourselves accountable.

This excludes specific product performance and function, as they each come with a predetermined manufacturer warranty.

Accessorize Your Pool House

Get the most out of your leisure time. Equip your pool house with fun accessories and exciting features. Imagine comfortably cooking a pizza poolside. Or having ice cold beer readily available. Creekstone has the equipment to make that happen. Sound too good to be true? Browse our inventory below to preview what’s in store.

Prefer to see your future pool house equipment in person? Visit our conveniently located retail store today.

Speak with a Designer

Meet with professional design experts to find the perfect style and fit for your outdoor living space.


Customer Stories

“I highly recommend Creekstone Custom Living. They are extremely professional and strive to meet your particular needs. It is truly a custom job.”

Rebecca Lack Massey

“Sam Hickey and Creekstone Outdoors is an exemplary company with excellent customer service and satisfaction. I HIGHLY recommend Creekstone Outdoors! You will be in awe of the finished project.”

Denise Cipolla

“Excellent design and execution. Responsive customer service after construction. We receive lots of compliments from our guests.”

Stan Grisham

“They did a professional, timely, and beautiful job.”

Lori Begin

“They listened to what we wanted and collaborated with us rather than trying to tell us what they wanted to build. In addition, we also had a very tight time frame for completion and they made it happen! Although I do not practice, I have an architecture degree and spent my college years interning with custom home builders and I can honestly say that their quality and attention to detail is top notch. I would build with them again without hesitation!”

Brent & Kris Gilot

Creekstone Outdoors went above and beyond our expectations to make our dreams come true of an outdoor kitchen/ sitting area/ bar area where we can entertain our friends and family. While they weren’t the cheapest, once they set a budget and we agreed upon it, they complete stuck to it, and gave us very little surprises. Only changes made were ones we requested and even then he tried to keep costs as low as possible as he wanted to stick to the budget he was given. It’s been almost a year now and we have only had to call them out twice for minor repairs. Both times they came out immediately, no questions asked, and solved the problems quickly. I can’t say enough about this company. They are our outdoor contractors for life! Sam Hickey has been an absolute pleasure to work with!

Kathy Chaudry

These guys are awesome, Got a referal on these guys at the last minute for a 6 firugre backyard project. They built for another design teams work and did an amazing job! Sam and Cory were incredible. Not a single hitche to the project. The craftsmanship is unmatched, the crews were professional and Sam and Corey did everything they said they would do and were communicative through the entire project. We got rained otu seveal days over the multi week project and Sam or Corey Kept us posted daily. I would recommend these guys very highly. They are the best!

Bill Schulz