Patio covers are a practical and easy way to enhance your outdoor living space, add value to your home and make the most out of your property. The mighty Houston sun makes the shade from an outdoor patio cover almost necessary if you want to fully enjoy what your backyard has to offer. Our patio cover designs are designed to compliment your home’s style and can include a variety of upgrades like screens, curling fans and lighting accents.



A patio has the potential to become your private oasis. Patio covers are a great way to add sun protection to your outdoor living space so you and your guests can enjoy your backyard retreat in comfort.  Outdoor patio covers come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your style and needs. Our team of designers can provide you with many cloth, lattice, or totally integrated patio cover design choices, giving you the freedom to choose what’s best for you.

Wood Ceiling of a Patio Cover


There are numerous benefits to adding a covered patio to your Houston home that reach far beyond adding property value. Outdoor patio covers provide much needed shade to sunny backyard and can keep your home cooler during the summer months by protecting windows. Patio covers can also make your picnic or party all the more enjoyable for your family or guests.


Exposed Truss

Solid cedar truss members and stained finish wood.

Wood Column

Wood column prewired for entertainment wrapped in a stained cedar board. Can also be a solid wood column as well.

Matching Roof

Exact matching of existing roofing materials using legacy options provided by the manufacturer.

Earth Pedestal

Full size stone pedestal with flagstone coping to cap the base.

Wood Ceiling

Tongue and groove pine ceiling which can be stained or painted, depending on your preference.

Why Are Outdoor Patios Perfect for Houston?

Our creative patio design ideas even allow you to enjoy one of the best things about Houston’s weather. Sitting outside and enjoying our beautiful rain without getting wet. They are perfect for hosting a fun event or just enjoying the night accompanied by a cool breeze. Patio covers are a perfect addition to your home and can encourage your family to take advantage of your outdoor living space in style.

Custom Patio Covers by Creekstone Outdoor Living in Spring, Texas

Patio Cover Design Process

Patio covers are a customer favorite addition because of their speedy installation and the immediate value adage to your home.  Our outdoor patio covers are designed in a variety of styles to fit your lifestyle and compliment the look of your home. Our design team will help you determine which type of patio cover works best for your home. Let our expert designers and craftsmen use their experience to create an inviting extension to your home that makes your outdoors more inviting. Our creative patio cover ideas coupled with our meticulous design process ensure the careful consideration of the style, size, and construction of your patio cover while remaining within building and environmental restrictions.

Our design and construction team will build your custom outdoor patio exactly how you want them to be built. We guarantee our patio designs will add to the value and aesthetic of your home and become your favorite space. Our designers and craftsman guarantee an unparalleled attention to detail throughout the entire design process in order to bring your vision to life.

Why Choose Custom-Build Patio Covers?

Prefabricated patio covers can seem like a convenient option but they will never truly fit your home’s style. Our customized patio covers are built seamlessly and feel like they were part of your initial home design. You can count our history and success creating outdoor living spaces as your peace of mind. We are certain our patio cover ideas will spark your interest in this simple but smart investment.

Fun Patio Cover Accessories

Live life to the fullest. Smoothly transition from celebrating in your private paradise to partying on the beach. Load your favorite Yeti container with ice for tasty ice cold beverages on the go. Or bring delicacies made on the Big Green Egg to starve hunger as the fun times continue. The transportable accessories below are designed to complement your unique, on-the-go lifestyle.

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Speak with a Designer

Meet with your design experts to find the perfect style and fit for your ourtdoor space.


Customer Stories

“I highly recommend Creekstone Custom Living. They are extremely professional and strive to meet your particular needs. It is truly a custom job.”

Rebecca Lack Massey

“Sam Hickey and Creekstone Outdoors is an exemplary company with excellent customer service and satisfaction. I HIGHLY recommend Creekstone Outdoors! You will be in awe of the finished project.”

Denise Cipolla

“Excellent design and execution. Responsive customer service after construction. We receive lots of compliments from our guests.”

Stan Grisham

“They did a professional, timely, and beautiful job.”

Lori Begin

“They listened to what we wanted and collaborated with us rather than trying to tell us what they wanted to build. In addition, we also had a very tight time frame for completion and they made it happen! Although I do not practice, I have an architecture degree and spent my college years interning with custom home builders and I can honestly say that their quality and attention to detail is top notch. I would build with them again without hesitation!”

Brent & Kris Gilot

Creekstone Outdoors went above and beyond our expectations to make our dreams come true of an outdoor kitchen/ sitting area/ bar area where we can entertain our friends and family. While they weren’t the cheapest, once they set a budget and we agreed upon it, they complete stuck to it, and gave us very little surprises. Only changes made were ones we requested and even then he tried to keep costs as low as possible as he wanted to stick to the budget he was given. It’s been almost a year now and we have only had to call them out twice for minor repairs. Both times they came out immediately, no questions asked, and solved the problems quickly. I can’t say enough about this company. They are our outdoor contractors for life! Sam Hickey has been an absolute pleasure to work with!

Kathy Chaudry

These guys are awesome, Got a referal on these guys at the last minute for a 6 firugre backyard project. They built for another design teams work and did an amazing job! Sam and Cory were incredible. Not a single hitche to the project. The craftsmanship is unmatched, the crews were professional and Sam and Corey did everything they said they would do and were communicative through the entire project. We got rained otu seveal days over the multi week project and Sam or Corey Kept us posted daily. I would recommend these guys very highly. They are the best!

Bill Schulz