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Design Inspirations - Craftman Style - from the Creekstone Outdoor Living Portfolio

A craftsman home is a traditional home. This style evokes a blue-collar approach to design where everything serves a working purpose. Not an inch of material is wasted as we cohesively melt gabled roof patio covers into stone wall fireplaces, exposed wood decks and more.

Design Inspirations - Urban Style - from the Creekstone Outdoor Living Portfolio

The modern style is for those who prefer clean lines, subdued material palettes and contemporary open concept configurations. Design elements such as gas fireplace inserts, large slabs of natural stone, and prominent landscape elements are perfect compliments to a modern home.

But even if your existing house is more traditional in nature, our designers will work with you to give the outdoor space the contemporary upgrade to take your home into the next century.

Design Inspirations - Country Style - from the Creekstone Outdoor Living Portfolio

Country living is all about expansive vistas, comfortable recreation and putting a smokey char on any and all cuts of home grown meat. Our designers understand the country lifestyle and will give you the outdoor renovation to prove it.

Expect big outdoor kitchens with enough grill surface area to feed a small army and a comfortable, well-shaded place for them to sit while they watch the sun go down behind red painted mountains.

Design Inspirations - Modern Style - from the Creekstone Outdoor Living Portfolio

If it’s city living you want, it’s city living you’ll get. Designing highly functional outdoor spaces within the limited area an urban home provides is never easy. Our designers are trained to squeeze every inch out of even the most limited outdoor spaces. Before long, your once under utilized exterior morsel will be brimming with life, personality, and enough functional space to entertain the entire block.


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