Texas summers start early, so there is no better time to start planning your epic summer cookout than now! Whether you are cooking for close family or entertaining a big crowd, planning ahead is the surefire way to make sure your outdoor entertaining goes flawlessly. Click To Tweet

Plan Ahead

A little planning can go a long way when it comes to preparing your summer cookout. Getting together a game-plan ahead of time can save you time and frustration. Here are some simple things to consider to make sure you are completely prepared for your epic summer cookout!

Prepare Your Outdoor Space

The first step for your summer cookout is to clean up your outdoor space. Mow the lawn, clean or update patio furniture, rake leaves, and pick up debris and toys. And, even though you are not entertaining inside, it is also a good idea to pick up inside entryway, kitchen, and bathroom, just in case.

Stock the Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens make outside entertaining easy, especially when you have it stocked and ready for cooking! Make sure all your needed utensils, sauces, spices and other things are all ready for your special summer cookout. It is also a good idea to have your grill and ovens cleaned and ready for cooking.

Provide Plenty of Entertainment

Keep your guests entertained! Yard games for kids and adults, a television in the outdoor living room, or a pool are just a few examples of ways to keep your friends and family having a fun time. Make sure to play some music that fits with your party. If you are firing up the grill to barbeque with potato salad and grilled vegetables on the side, you might want some upbeat country music playing. Or if you’re firing up the pizza oven, maybe play some classic Italian tunes to get people in the mood.

Ample Seating

When entertaining outside, don’t forget the seating! People need to be able to relax and enjoy their dinner, or while chatting over a glass of wine while the kids splash around the pool. Make sure to have plenty of seating, and get creative with your outdoor decor. A themed party makes outdoor entertaining even more exciting. If a Hawaiian luau is your theme, spruce up plain folding chairs and tables with fake grass hula skirts! Set up a bowling game using coconuts as bowling balls. There’s no limit to the creative ideas you can bring to life. At night take the party to your custom fire pit, where guests can gather around a glowing fire and talk, dance or laugh the night away.

Plan Your Menu

When thinking about your menu, consider everyone who will be attending. Does anyone have special dietary restrictions? Are there any allergies? Plan ahead by asking your guests and planning your menu around them–making sure that everyone will enjoy what is being served. Another idea is to have guests bring a side item or dessert while you, the host, provides the main course.

Open Bar

Like your food menu, make sure you have plenty of beverages for your guests, too. Sodas, beer, wine, lemonade, or iced tea, are all good to have available.If you plan to make cocktails and other mixed drinks, don’t forget your ice and mixers!

Summer Cookout Fun

Summer is for getting together with loved ones and friends and what better way to entertain than with an epic summer cookout? By following the above suggestions when planning your party and get together, you are certain to have a blast, enjoying good food and each other’s company.

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