5 Clever Outdoor Storage Ideas to Hide Your Stuff in Style

5 Clever Outdoor Storage Ideas to Hide Your Stuff in Style

Keeping organized means getting creative with storage. Not only does this pertain to inside our homes, but outdoor storage and organization are equally important, also. Between pool equipment, firewood, garden tools, and all the rest of the stuff we end up collecting each year, people are always looking for clever ways to store and hide stuff. Learn how to incorporate beautiful design elements that double as sneaky storage solutions! Click To Tweet

Getting Clever With Outdoor Storage

If you have a lot of stuff in your home, you probably also have a lot outside, too. Here are five clever ways to hide all your outside goods, keeping them organized and out of view:


We are coming up on swimming season and what better way to store all those pool supplies, floats, and pool gear than in a pool house? Pool houses offer the perfect outdoor storage solution with shelves, cabinets, and functional furnishings. A pool house also allows a place of privacy for people to change into their swimsuits or dry off before coming into the house. Pool houses add tremendous value, both monetarily and aesthetic.


Outdoor kitchen storage is essential at keeping your outdoor kitchen supplies organized and clean. By getting cabinets built on to your outdoor kitchen, you are sure to have room for everything. Outdoor kitchen storage is perfect for cutting down trips inside the house. Everything you need will be outside in your custom built kitchen cabinetry–right where you need it!

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage chests and storage built into your custom built cabana is another perfect way to hide your outdoor stuff. Towels, outdoor furniture pillows and pads, and anything else you need stored remains hidden until you are ready to use them.

Firewood Cubby

Firewood can be a hassle to deal with and keep organized. Logs tumbling over or not staying where they’re supposed to be can cause a headache and look messy. A Firewood cubby is an ideal way to keep those logs in line. Patios with built-in shelving make the perfect firewood cubby and easily accessible.

Outdoor Bar

If you entertain regularly, an outdoor bar is the perfect outdoor storage idea for all your glasses, ice, and liquors. Outdoor bars can come with shelving, refrigerators, and cabinets, making it the perfect addition to your backyard.

Top Outdoor Storage Ideas

Although outdoor storage can seem like an issue, it doesn’t have to be. Between outdoor kitchen cabinetry, a pool house, and an outdoor bar, you will gain more space than ever to hide all that equipment and other things you store, but want to keep from view.

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Beautiful Patio Designs for Every Style

Beautiful Patio Designs for Every Style

More and more people are going outside and using their outdoor living spaces for entertaining, relaxing, and just living. People are bringing the inside outdoors, with outdoor kitchens, televisions, and even couches to lounge on. The outside should feel just as comfortable as your inside living space, and there are numerous popular patio designs to help you create the perfect outdoor living space. Click To Tweet

Find Your Patio Style

No matter if you are using your patio for upbeat social gatherings, relaxation time with the family, or a little meditative time alone, you can create the ideal mood and ambiance for your patio with one of these innovative patio designs.  

Old World

The Old World style never goes out of fashion. With Flagstone paths, an outdoor fireplace and vintage style outdoor kitchen, you might find yourself enjoying time outside more than ever. Cast iron lighting and rustic, old world chairs finish off the look and add a classical touch.


Who doesn’t love dining alfresco? Outdoor dining can be done year-round when you incorporate a pergola or cabana into your patio design. Outdoor dining areas create seamless transitions between the inside and outdoors and makes entertaining effortless. These charming areas also improve the aesthetic and financial value of your home.


The Tuscan patio style usually boasts warm colors, natural stones, terracotta flower pots and urns and bold flowers such as lavender, rosemary and grape vines. These plants help bring the sensory experience to your patio space. The Tuscan patio style is about enjoying life, food, people, and nature, and relaxing with friends and families members.

Secret Garden

Secret gardens are more and more popular these days and provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. These hidden gardens not only feel private but also have a certain magical charm to them. Shade trees, evergreen hedges, creeping vines, and loose naturalistic plantings create a woodsy retreat and an inviting destination.


Looking for peace and tranquility after a hard day of work? A Zen patio design might be right for you. Simplicity is the way to go when looking for seating and furniture. Green plants are also a must, and add the perfect touch of nature. Bonsai trees and other green plants fit well in pots and help create balance. The addition of an outside fire pit and water fountain help bring all the elements of nature to your patio space.

Modern Wonder

No matter what the size, a modern and eclectic patio is the foolproof place to entertain. Add outdoor lighting, modern-styled seating and tables, and use bright colors to add character. Clean lines and modular forms are key to attaining the modern wonder look, and an outdoor fireplace is a must. Many modern patios boast a geometric pool and potted plants for added greenery.

Choose Your Patio Design

Whether you like to entertain, relax with the family, or spend time outside cooking and enjoying life, there are plenty of ways to create the ideal escape with one of these beautiful patio designs. Using the current style of your home as a guide, you can build a stunning outdoor space to enjoy for years to come.

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5 Outdoor Living Trends to Maximize Your Yard

5 Outdoor Living Trends to Maximize Your Yard

With the beautiful springtime moving in, more and more people are getting outside. Whether for work or play, maximizing your yard for functional use is one of the top outdoor living trends for 2018. In fact, Architect Magazine has found that outdoor living spaces have become the most popular “special function rooms” for the past six years. So how can you make your outdoor living space more comfortable, stylish, and functional? Here are some simple ways to maximize your yard.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Your yard should be an extension of your home and everything you have inside, can be used outside, too! More and more people are adding outdoor kitchens, televisions, and lounging areas to their patios and yards. Hang solar lamps, add colorful cushions, and activities like card games, chess and other things to do while enjoying time outside.

1) Smooth Transition

A smooth transition from inside to outdoors helps eliminates steps and obstacles and makes the outdoors inviting for guests and family members. Continue the inside color palette outside, or play around with new patterns and colors with decorative rugs and pillows. Think about adding a patio roof or cover to expand your livable space regardless of the weather. Let your outside space offer the same comforts as your inside space does.

2) Edible Gardens

Planting edible gardens is a top trend for 2018 and a perfect way to maximize your yard space. You don’t have to have a huge area to start growing your own foods, either. Many people create container gardens, or build a simple window box or a raised bed to grow herbs, greens, and other edibles. Gardening for the table can become a family project and it is fun to eat the foods you grow!

3) Create Zones

Regardless of your yard size, work at creating different and unique zones to create depth and personality. Have a barbeque area with a grill and relaxed seating in one area and perhaps in a shady spot, add a bench or seating for reading with a water fountain and windchimes. Make sure to have space for entertaining, or an area for the kids to play, if you have any. Creating zones is sure to help you enjoy your outdoor area more often and throughout the entire year.

4) Comfortable and Practical Seating

Without comfortable and practical seating, no one will want to spend time outdoors. It is hard to relax when you only have a hard, wooden seat to sit in, or a moldy pool chair that is six years old. More and more companies are making quality outdoor furniture these days that will withstand the weather and last longer. If you have a roofed patio, the addition of a couch and coffee table makes your outside space just as warm and welcoming as inside.

5) Outdoor Kitchen

With all the time spent relaxing and entertaining outside, an outdoor kitchen is a must! Not only does it add convenience to your life, but it also helps keep the house cool in the summer months, but it keeps the smells outside, too. An outdoor kitchen also makes a great place to entertain without being too crowded, or having to make constant back-and-forth trips inside the house to get items. Most outdoor kitchens have a grill, refrigerator, storage and other items necessary for seamless entertaining and cooking.

Outdoor Living Trends to Maximize

Not only does bringing the inside outdoors create a relaxing environment for your family and friends, but it also adds usable living space and boosts home values for future sales. With outdoor living trends like comfortable seating, an edible garden, and new zones to explore–you might find yourself more outside than ever!

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How to Add Value to Your Home With Outdoor Improvements

How to Add Value to Your Home With Outdoor Improvements

Did you know that making a few outdoor improvements can add significant value to your home? However, not all improvements add value, and according to Forbes, paying for unnecessary improvements is one of the biggest and costliest mistakes a homeowner can make. Some outdoor improvements offer larger returns than others, and many of them can be done without breaking the bank.

Adding Value With Outdoor Improvements

Below are the top seven ways to upgrade your outdoor living space and add significant value to your home.

1) Lawn & Landscaping

One of the first things a person notices when looking at a house is the lawn and landscaping. And, while refreshing your lawn might not seem very important, it has been found that landscaping and lawns can boost your return of investment upwards of 300% or more.

Patchy and discolored lawns are an eyesore. Make sure your lawn is alive and thriving. Make sure you set up a consistent lawn care schedule-whether maintain your yard yourself, or pay someone to do it.

There are many low-maintenance ways to beautify your landscaping. Choosing native plants that thrive in your area are a smart idea and makes care for them easier. Adding mulch to beds or installing shrubs or flowers in decorative planters are simple ways to boost the value of your home.

2) New Patio

Installing a patio is the perfect way to add value to your home. Not only will it allow you to utilize your space for parties and get-togethers while you live in the house, but patios are highly sought after by those looking to purchase a home. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, patios are among the top ten features buyers want when looking for a new house.

3) A Spark of Fire

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting around a fire with family and friends? Adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to your patio or outdoor living area will certainly add value to your home. An area for a fireplace or fire pit is one of the top trends and is the right decision. Not only will it offer plenty of use and enjoyment while you are living there, but will also give you a 78% return in your investment when you are ready to sell.

4) Just Add Water

Having a swimming pool is a must in the south, and installing or upgrading a pool is a very wise investment with a big return. If the space in your backyard doesn’t work well with installing a pool, or if you cannot afford one, adding a pond or fountain is another option to add water and value to your home. If you are thinking of adding a pool only to sell the home, save the money and look for less expensive ways to add water features to your yard.

5) Light the Way

Outdoor lighting doesn’t only add beauty and value to your home, it also creates a sense of safety for family and friends. Outdoor lighting creates ambiance and allows you to highlight certain areas of the yard. Many outdoor lighting sets run on solar energy and don’t affect your electric bill. Lighting helps to show off your garden at night, silhouettes your trees and adds significant value to your home.

6) Privacy Fences

No one enjoys being watched or exposed while relaxing in their backyard. Installing a fence around your backyard is relatively inexpensive, ensures privacy, and makes your space look complete. Fences are sought after and add significant value to your home. There are many varieties of fences in different heights and colors, depending on what fits in with your landscaping and yard design. A living fence is also an option and can be made with various shrubs and plants.

7) Outdoor Living Space

A Casual space to sit and converse and relax in your backyard boost value and is easy and inexpensive to do. Set up an outdoor seating area or have an outdoor kitchen installed. Buyers who do a lot of outdoor entertaining will be searching for a home with an outdoor living space already in place. Outdoor seating and living spaces are especially popular in Texas with our mild winters and gorgeous springs.

Adding Value to Your Home

When brainstorming for ways to add value to your home, make sure to choose projects that give you the largest return on your investment. Of all the improvements you can do on your home, updating and improving your outdoor living space is one with largest returns. Click To Tweet Make sure to come up with a game plan, and contact a reliable company when you are ready for larger improvements such as patios, waterfalls and outdoor kitchens.

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6 Ways to Build a Beautiful Backyard

6 Ways to Build a Beautiful Backyard

If you’re at home, look outside your back door.  Are you happy with what you see?  Are you using that land to its full potential? If not, it may be time to build a beautiful backyard that you can be proud of. Let this be the summer that you create an outdoor living space that will leave neighbors envious and friends in awe!

Planning a Functional & Beautiful Backyard

If you’re considering redesigning your backyard, take a moment to think about your priorities.   If your family likes to spend time outdoors, what do you like to do? An active family looking for a space to play will have very different needs than a couple who loves to cook and entertain. Perhaps you’re just looking for a quiet place to unwind at the end of a long day. Whatever your needs, the right elements can create a stunning backyard:

1) Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are enjoying a boom in popularity and for good reason! Outdoor cooking is low-maintenance and fun, allowing the host to be in the middle of everything, even while preparing a meal. Today’s options are endless, meaning that the appliances and tools you use indoors are available for outdoor kitchens as well.

2) Dining Area

There is nothing more romantic or luxurious than settling in for a delicious meal under the stars. Add soft lighting and music, and you’ve created a night to remember. Once you’ve experienced alfresco dining, you’ll never want to throw a stuffy dinner party again!

3) Fireplace

Fire pits and fireplaces are a perfect example of form and function. Not only are they a beautiful and romantic addition to your backyard, but they provide both light and warmth into the evening. This extends the time you can enjoy the great outdoors, surrounded by family and friends.

4) Shade Structures

On a hot summer day, it’s important to provide plenty of shade so that lounging outdoors is bearable! Shade structures, such as pergolas and arbors, add visual interest and aesthetically pleasing height contrast.

5) Conversation Areas

While outdoor living areas generally encourage casual conversations, providing a separate seating area for guests is recommended. This allows anyone wishing to have a quiet conversation to break off from the group in favor of a separate seating area.   

6) Natural Traffic Flow

When designing your backyard, it’s important to keep in mind the natural flow of foot traffic in your backyard. For example, putting a seating area right outside the backdoor might be awkward with people going in and out all night.  Think about where people will likely spend their time, and plan your zones (eating, chatting, playing) accordingly.  

A Home Oasis

There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day and setting into your own personal backyard oasis. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home and should be given the same attention to detail.  The result is a beautiful paradise you won’t want to leave!

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The Best Outdoor Accessories For a Backyard Oasis

The Best Outdoor Accessories For a Backyard Oasis

So you’ve finally finished the outdoor living space of your dreams.  You added a custom built outdoor kitchen and poolside dining area and you can’t wait to show them off. Looking around, you might find that it needs a little something more. Some design elements that will really make the space your own.

Form and Function

When you’re choosing accessories for your backyard living space, it’s important to combine form with function. Items should be beautiful but serve a purpose. Outdoor elements that sit neglected will just look like junk or clutter.

1) Firepit

An outdoor fire pit is a perfect accessory for any backyard oasis. It provides warmth on cold nights, which will extend the number of hours your backyard can be used. Modernizations in design mean that the simple fire pits of the past are gone. Custom fire pits can be as elaborate as you’d like, utilizing either real firewood or gas. Add diamond nuggets to your gas fire pit to create a magical, sparkling sight.

2) Lights

The right outdoor lighting can create a calming and safe environment for guests and family members. Path lighting allows visitors to navigate their way around your backyard.  Thoughtfully placed sconce lights and lanterns cast soft light throughout your patio space, while overhead lighting facilitates practical tasks like cooking.

3) Kitchen Luxuries

An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic investment and a great place to host a dinner party.  With the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens, there are no limits to what you can add to yours.  Ice makers, elaborate gas grills, refrigerators and commercial grade cooktops. If you love to cook, you can have an outdoor kitchen with as many amenities (or more) as your indoor kitchen!

4) Pillows & Blankets

Adding a soft touch to your outdoor living space makes it feel even more like an extension of your home. There is more variety than ever in outdoor-safe textiles, from rugs to blankets.  Gather around your fire pit in comfort with the right accessories.

5) Entertainment

Your outdoor living space may include a covered patio, which is ideal for a wall mounted television.  While the kids play in the pool you can relax and watch tv.  Host a movie premiere party with friends and invest in a projector so everyone can see.  

Adding a Personal Touch

As you accessorize your outdoor space, it’s important to incorporate your personality into everything. If you love the ocean, incorporate tones of blue and green.  For a zen-like atmosphere, use lots of natural materials and neutral colors. Your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor design and should reflect that level of care.  

The Best Outdoor Accessories For Your Space

Once you’ve placed the perfect finishing touches to your backyard oasis, take a step back and admire your work.  You’ve created an entirely new living space, with all the conveniences of the indoors, but in the fresh air of the great outdoors. With everything done, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your beautiful backyard.

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