How to Style Outdoor Pool Furniture

How to Style Outdoor Pool Furniture

To add that extra touch of elegance to your patio, find your favorite style of pool-friendly furniture and decor. Search for the outdoor experts that carry nice furniture that strikes a perfect balance between style, durability, and affordability.

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In your search for pool furniture, keep several key factors in mind to help narrow down your options. Don’t settle for cheap pool furniture if it looks tacky. Likewise, don’t pay through the nose for really nice furniture that falls apart in the rain. Weigh every choice carefully.

How Does it Match Your Backyard’s Colors?

If you already have some backyard furniture or decor that you’re particularly attached to, try to match colors and patterns on both sets. If you can’t find exact matches, use a color wheel to see what complements your original choice. Contrasting hues, like orange throw pillows on a dark blue couch, are very pleasing to the eye and make classy design choices.

Pro Tip: Have a party in the backyard! Make sure your outdoor dining set is big enough for all your friends and family.

Is it Weather Resistant?

Inevitably, your pool furniture will either get rained on or bake in the Houston sun. Of course, going straight from the swimming pool to your chaise lounge chair also means your nice furniture will get wet. Custom designed patio covers and umbrellas can help protect your furniture from the elements, but don’t rely on them to entirely protect your furniture. Water- and sun-resistant pieces will keep their color longer and require less maintenance, making them the ideal choice for your lounge area. Partially plastic weather-resistant furniture feels more comfortable than it sounds. Choosing durable furniture will keep your backyard pool area looking stylish for a long time.

Is it Practical in Houston Weather?

Pool furniture gives you the chance to be clever with practical applications. For instance, an end table may look like a normal woven ottoman when it’s shut, but it conceals a hollow inside to shield cushions from bad weather or keep beer chilled. You could also install more conventional cabinets against a wall or barrier. Patio storage can be clever!

Is it Safe Around Fire?

If your pool furniture will be anywhere near your backyard fire pit or grill, ask yourself this question before buying anything new. Weather-resistant materials are likely already fire-resistant, but it pays to double-check everything. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

Build the Backyard of Your Dreams!

Regardless if you’re buying new outdoor furniture or upgrading your original collection, let your imagination run wild! Experiment with your favorite color combinations and unique furniture with hidden features. The more durable and long-lasting your new decorations are, the better.

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5 Pool Landscaping Design Trends

5 Pool Landscaping Design Trends

Imagine lounging at the pool all day long in the comfort and convenience of your own backyard. As warmer weather approaches, we are thinking about this more and more! Although you have probably been browsing different swimming pool styles, what about your pool landscaping design? To make the best oasis, you need to consider how everything will look together as one cohesive layout.

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Pool Landscaping Design: What’s In and What’s Out

Whether you can’t decide on a pool landscape design or this is the first time you have even thought about it, this guide is for you! Here are 5 things to include in your pool’s plant arrangement:  

  1. Less is More
  2. Include Color
  3. Don’t Overcrowd
  4. A Lucious Lawn  
  5. Low Maintenance

1) Less is More

Doesn’t this seem to be on trend for almost everything these days? But, it’s very true. Trying to cram in all of your favorite plants and flowers won’t only look stuffy, it won’t be functional either. Go for simple plants that won’t overgrow your space yet fill in the empty spots to make for one classy-looking yard.

2) Include Pops of Color

You don’t want to stare at a sea of green with only a color contrast from the bright blue pool water. Switch out flowers every 3-4 months with colors that represent each season. Vibrant orange and yellows might be better suited in the summer while soft pinks whites could be used in the spring.

Whatever you choose, don’t use flowers that will shed a ton and place them far enough away from the pool so petals don’t constantly fall in the water.

3) Don’t Overcrowd Your Space

It’s easy to bring full-bodied plants into your space, but keep functionality in mind. Will you be able to move around large trees easily? Once a plant grows, will be in the way of an outdoor fire pit or steps to the pool? If so, consider a different spot.

Pro Tip: Make your space seem even larger with a patio cover or pergola where guests can sit, eat, and mingle.

4) Invest in a Lucious Lawn

Doesn’t everyone want a heavenly green lawn? Real grass can be hard to maintain and there will no doubt be times where brown patches show through. But, by spending quality time giving it the love and attention it needs, a luscious yard is obtainable.   

If you really want to avoid the hassle of lawn maintenance, invest in synthetic turf. It’s beautiful year-round and you never have to cut or water grass again!

5) Low Maintenance  

Most people don’t like to spend hours working outside. (We would rather lay poolside!) So, get plants that don’t require a ton of maintenance like evergreens with grass-like features that don’t need pruning. Trees with pine needles, fruits or nuts should stay in a different area of your yard, away from the pool. Although delicious to eat, you don’t want to spend time fishing out apples and pecan shells.

A Pool Area You Can Be Proud Of

When envisioning your pool, remember to think about the landscaping elements as well. Use these tips to get you started in the right direction and consult a local backyard design expert for sound advice.

Want to leave us a comment about your landscape design ideas? Join the conversation!

Why You Should Build a Pool House Near Your Pool

Why You Should Build a Pool House Near Your Pool

In Houston, swimming pools are almost a necessity to have in the summertime. If you already have a pool, you’ve probably seen custom features that can be added to make your pool more enjoyable. Have you considered building a pool house to enhance your outdoor space?

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A pool house can make your backyard feel like a luxurious resort. There are a number of ways that you can use the space. You can customize your pool house to match the overall theme of your backyard. A builder will work with you to make your vision a reality. Here are a few ways pool houses are fun and functional:

A Pool House is Great for Storage

Owning a pool means using lots of tools to keep it clean. You can easily store nets, chemicals, pool toys, and more in a pool house to keep them out of sight and away from weather damage. Pool houses are also useful for storing outdoor furniture in case of a storm or flood.

ProTip: When building your pool house, consider adding special shelves or cabinets to store extra cleaning supplies or towels.

Serves as a Convenient Changing Room

Rather than your guests entering your home after a fun swim– dripping wet and ready to change, your pool house serves as a changing area instead. You’ll be glad you don’t have to dry your floors or risk someone slipping in your home. Pool houses can be carpeted to absorb water and prevent wet feet from slipping. Add an outdoor shower so it’s easy to rinse off before getting in and out of the water.

Can Be Used as a Guest House

Pool houses are great for entertaining friends and family. Use the space for a guest house complete with a mini kitchen, bed or futon. A small bathroom would be useful for anyone using your pool. You can add a mini fridge for easy access to snacks and beverages without having to go inside your home! Your guests will also appreciate the privacy of a separate space if they will be staying overnight.

Use a Reputable Houston Pool Builder

Read online reviews to find a local outdoor design team you can trust. Ask to view a gallery and make sure you sign a contract. When you imagine your pool house, think about the specific details you’d like included in its design and features.

Contact a design expert to get started immediately!

3  Fun & Functional Patio Cover Design Ideas for Hot Houston Summers

3  Fun & Functional Patio Cover Design Ideas for Hot Houston Summers

With the Texas summer season gaining upon us, you might be wishing you had a way to properly shade yourself from the heating rays! Luckily, there are plenty of options, like patio covers, to keep you and your guests cool while still enjoying your luxurious pool!

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How can Owning a pool be so relaxing, even in the hot sun?

You can avoid the stress and sweat of being a pool owner in the spring and summer heat by providing shade from the sun with these fun ideas:

  1. Opt for a custom outdoor patio
  2. Add a fun pergola
  3. Go big with a custom built pool house

1) Opt for a Custom Outdoor Patio Cover

Take a look around your backyard and note the opportunities you might have for a custom-built outdoor patio cover. Work with a professional builder to match the colors and materials of your home with the design of your patio. Then, you can add extra features to match the space– like outdoor furniture.

2) Add a Fun Pergola

Pergolas can be efficient and festive any time of year! Enjoy the shade in your outdoor living space when you’d like, and decorate the beams with light strings or weather-resistant streamers. You can quickly drape a tarp over the top of your pergola at any sign of rain or storm.

ProTip: Not sure about how to dress up your pergola year-round? Hang some outdoor lights to brighten things up and enjoy the glow!

3) Custom Built Pool House

A custom pool house is a great addition to any outdoor space! Enclose your pool area and add furniture that doesn’t need to be weather-resistant. You will be able to enjoy your pool, rain or shine while creating the feeling of being outdoors with large windows and glass doors.

Consult with a Professional

To make your backyard dreams a reality, call a professional to discuss what can be done to design and build your custom patio cover. Explore your options and discover what appeals to you and what fits your taste. Ultimately, you won’t regret covering your patio come rain or (too much) shine!

Share your thoughts! What else can be done to cover an outdoor patio space? We’d love to hear!

Design Trends for a Swimming Pool You’ll Use All Summer

Design Trends for a Swimming Pool You’ll Use All Summer

If you are thinking of renovating your backyard space and pool, or if you are about to have a pool installed for the first time, there is no better time than now. Updating your backyard space now allows you to have the work completed in time to enjoy your swimming pool all summer long. If you want to take your outdoor space and pool to the next level, you’ll want to make sure to pull in some of this year’s top design trends. Tired of your outdated backyard? These 6 swimming pool design trends will turn your outdoor space into your new family room! Click To Tweet

Which Design Trends Will Create an Outdoor Oasis You’ll Enjoy All Summer Long?

It’s easy to create an outdoor oasis and swimming pool that you and your family will enjoy all summer long. With sunning shelves, a fire pit, and luscious landscaping and lighting, your backyard will be transformed from boring to beautiful in no time.

  1. Dark Color Pool Interior
  2. Custom Pool Shape
  3. Sunning Shelves
  4. Swim Up Bar
  5. Landscaping and Lighting
  6. Fire Pits and Places

1) Dark Color Pool Interior

A stunning new trend is the use of darker colored pool interiors. Pool interiors coated in azures and cobalt blues lend themselves to a lagoon-like effect: deep, dark, and soothing. These darker colors are welcoming and luxurious and make your backyard the perfect place to hang out all summer long.

2) Custom Pool Shape

These days, pools can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and when you choose to get a custom pool, you can help add personality to your outdoor living space. When choosing the shape of your pool, consider your lot size and available space, your budget, whether it meets safety codes, your home’s architectural style, sun exposure, as well as how you will use the pool.

3) Sunning Shelves

Sunning shelves are some of the most popular design trends for swimming pools. Tanning shelves are great to lounge, relax and keep you refreshed on a hot Texan day. Sunning ledges are a great to place gushers and create a splash pad for the kids, too.

4) Swim Up Bar

If your pool is a regular spot for celebration and get-togethers, then adding a swim-up bar is certainly the perfect addition! Usually, you only see these in the hotels and resorts – but imagine having one in your own pool.

ProTip: With a swim up bar, you can have drinks and snacks at the ready without having to leave the water. Just swim right up, have a seat, and unwind.

5) Landscaping and Lighting

There is nothing better than nice landscaping around the pool. Some of the benefits of having landscaping around your pool include having better oxygenation in the surrounding area and having an avid display of colors. Be sure to choose plants that will thrive in your climate and illuminate them with LED or other landscaping lights to help turn your outdoor space into an outdoor oasis.

6) Fire Pits and Places

No matter what type of look or atmosphere you’re trying to create, there’s one swimming pool trend that always seems to be on the top of the list: fire. Fire is lighting in one of it’s most natural forms and creates a wonderful ambiance and warmth to your swimming pool area. Choose from a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace for the perfect place to spend all summer long.

Swimming Pool Design Trends

Vamp up your backyard retreat with a custom swimming pool design. With the addition of the above swimming pool design trends, your backyard will be the place everyone will want to be–all summer long.

Join the conversation and learn the top pool design trends that will have your spending all your days and nights in your pool and outside oasis.

5 Design Tips for Luxurious Outdoor Living in Houston

5 Design Tips for Luxurious Outdoor Living in Houston

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Houston area, you know that the weather allows for year-round entertaining and use of your outdoor living space. When you design your backyard with the right custom features you can create the backyard of your dreams and everyone will be begging you to host the next barbecue or pool party. Tired of your drab and boring backyard? Create an outdoor oasis with these 5 design tips! Click To Tweet

How Can You Turn Your Outdoor Space Into an Oasis?

It’s easy to turn your backyard into a dream entertaining space when you have an outdoor kitchen, shady spots for people to relax in and comfortable seating. These five design tips for outdoor living can help you create the backyard of your dreams.

  1. Comfortable Seating
  2. Light it Up
  3. Get Cooking
  4. Add a Spark
  5. Shade the Day

1) Comfortable Seating

If you don’t have a comfortable place to relax outside, chances are, you and no one else wants to spend time there. To create a space that perfect for entertaining and hanging out with friends and family, be sure to have plenty of comfortable seating.

2) Light it Up

Illuminate your space with custom outdoor lighting. Adding lights to your pergola, covered patio, or throughout your landscaping can set your outdoor space apart and make it enjoyable even after the sun goes down.

3) Get Cooking

What better way to enjoy your outside space than to add an outdoor kitchen? This is especially useful if you love to grill out or through backyard barbecues!

ProTip: Completely customize your outdoor kitchen with amenities like stainless steel gas grills and refrigerators.

4) Add a Spark

A perfect way to create an outdoor oasis is to enhance your yard with custom fire features. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit allows you to enjoy your backyard all year round. Fire features add warmth and beauty and are the perfect place to gather around and make memories.

5) Shade the Day

If you live in Houston, you know how brutal the sun can be during the summer months. To help cool off your friends and family, be sure to have a shady place for them to retreat to. Covered patios, pergolas, and cabanas are the perfect and practical solution to creating a beautiful shady place.

Top Design Tips for Luxurious Living in Houston

When you are ready to transform your backyard into your dream space, be sure to work with a professional to help make your dream a reality. A Houston outdoor living specialist can help ensure your complete satisfaction and work with you through the entire process.

Join the conversation to learn more about how to create a more luxurious space in your backyard. 

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