Keeping organized means getting creative with storage. Not only does this pertain to inside our homes, but outdoor storage and organization are equally important, also. Between pool equipment, firewood, garden tools, and all the rest of the stuff we end up collecting each year, people are always looking for clever ways to store and hide stuff. Learn how to incorporate beautiful design elements that double as sneaky storage solutions! Click To Tweet

Getting Clever With Outdoor Storage

If you have a lot of stuff in your home, you probably also have a lot outside, too. Here are five clever ways to hide all your outside goods, keeping them organized and out of view:


We are coming up on swimming season and what better way to store all those pool supplies, floats, and pool gear than in a pool house? Pool houses offer the perfect outdoor storage solution with shelves, cabinets, and functional furnishings. A pool house also allows a place of privacy for people to change into their swimsuits or dry off before coming into the house. Pool houses add tremendous value, both monetarily and aesthetic.


Outdoor kitchen storage is essential at keeping your outdoor kitchen supplies organized and clean. By getting cabinets built on to your outdoor kitchen, you are sure to have room for everything. Outdoor kitchen storage is perfect for cutting down trips inside the house. Everything you need will be outside in your custom built kitchen cabinetry–right where you need it!

Hidden Storage

Hidden storage chests and storage built into your custom built cabana is another perfect way to hide your outdoor stuff. Towels, outdoor furniture pillows and pads, and anything else you need stored remains hidden until you are ready to use them.

Firewood Cubby

Firewood can be a hassle to deal with and keep organized. Logs tumbling over or not staying where they’re supposed to be can cause a headache and look messy. A Firewood cubby is an ideal way to keep those logs in line. Patios with built-in shelving make the perfect firewood cubby and easily accessible.

Outdoor Bar

If you entertain regularly, an outdoor bar is the perfect outdoor storage idea for all your glasses, ice, and liquors. Outdoor bars can come with shelving, refrigerators, and cabinets, making it the perfect addition to your backyard.

Top Outdoor Storage Ideas

Although outdoor storage can seem like an issue, it doesn’t have to be. Between outdoor kitchen cabinetry, a pool house, and an outdoor bar, you will gain more space than ever to hide all that equipment and other things you store, but want to keep from view.

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